First Post – 8/17/11


My name is Brad. Im 14 years old. And I would like to call myself an amateur ballhawk. Although, im no Zack Hample, you see. I dont have a streak of any kind. I don’t have any CRAZY high totals of baseballs. The last time *I* snagged a baseball at a Major League Baseball Game, was on August 29, 2010. Not impressive right? Since then I’ve been to 6 games and have gotten frustrated (countless times), over snagging no baseballs. But with the help of Zack Hample, im ready for the ball hawking world.

I dont go to many games. But I hope that changes in the future. Preferably with a fresh start in 2012. I reside in Seattle and go to Mariner games. But also, in the summer, I go to Diamondback games.

So with all that said. PLEASE subscribe for future posts on this blog (for updates of when I do go to games). I hope I do well at this.


By the way, these are my current totals.

MLB Games Attended – 14       

Ball Total – 5